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The Life of a Gypsy

There have been a lot of questions on my future endeavors since I was “let go” from the show. 

First I would like to clarify that I was ONLY let go from the SHOW.

I still work at The World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop on Saturdays and Sundays!!

Make sure you come say “Hullo”!

I now also work at the Golden Nugget, I am the newest Gordie Brown Ambassador!

Come find me on Fremont Street Tuesday - Friday 10am - 6pm and Saturday 2pm - 6pm!!

NOW!!!! For the REAL DETAILS!!!! 

A bit of Olivia History…..

I was born in Los Angeles, and transplanted to Chesapeake Beach, Maryland around the age of one. I lived there with my father until I was 18.

During which time I had a brief stint of living with my mother in Holiday and Tampa, Florida, as well as Bowie, Maryland. 

I married my high school sweet heart at the age of 18 and followed him to Texas for Air Force Tech School. 

We ended up being stationed in Destin, Florida, where we later divorced. I stayed there until winter of 07’. 


Where I have been on and off for the better part of the past 6 years. 

The goal has always and will always be my makeup lines!!!! That’s the BIG IDEA that landed me in Vegas!!!

I have been a hairdresser and makeup artist by heart, love, and passion since I was 11!! I foiled a friends hair in her kitchen at 13!!!! 

I am determined ahah!

I planned to come to Vegas as a detour on my way back to Los Angeles.

I am an East Coast girl all the way, but I feel a piece of my heart was/is always waiting for me in Los Angeles!

SO, all of those asking what will I do?!!?

Well, the same thing I did yesterday!

Love, Live, Smile, Laugh, Cry, Breathe, and Fight For My Makeup!!!

I will start my lines! I will be everything I want to be in life, plus some I never expected! I love everyday, “good” or “bad”.

It all has a purpose, just open your eyes a little so you can see it!

Loves those around you, no matter how they treat you!

Be courteous, diplomatic, kind, loving, happy, passionate, motivated, strong, inquisitive, and just be!!!

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